EMS and IOT based solution - The smartest way to save energy costs

In commercial and industrial real estate, an energy audit is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprint. Beyond simply identifying the sources of energy use, an energy audit seeks to prioritize the energy uses according to the greatest to least cost effective opportunities for energy savings.

We at Aditya Energy Services have automated the traditional energy audit into an IoT solution which can able to sense device lever energy consumption inside industrial utilities and the building to provide a comprehensive report on predictive analytics and maintenance without burning a hole in the pocket.

Aditya Energy Services’s Energy Management System provides unique and exclusive functionality that helps the user to manage energy optimally. The software helps users to configure power monitors (meters) at strategically placed locations and access power/energy data in real time. In addition, enables to capture, analyze, store and share the data across the user organizations. This makes it easy for the user to acquire and distribute the knowledge required to optimize energy consumption and improve productivity while lowering the energy costs.

Energy Management System, (EMS) caters to a wide range of industries, manufacturing plants, commercial and residential establishments or can simply be used where an electrical system is essential.

AES provides a centralized high profile monitoring system, which is a powerful tool that empowers the user with total control over the electrical system.

Custom Dashboard

Get multiple user access based on user roles and access: Like Energy Manager, Maintenance staff, Financial Officer, Executive Officer. Define your control panel or Dashboard based on project main indicators according to your vision, in an easy-to-configure way

  • Quickly understand complex usage data.
  • Create hundreds of customizable views.
  • Aggregate data from thousands of locations and filter them by tag or zone.
  • Quickly share dashboards between users and reduce configuration time.

Real Time Analysis

Analyze your data regardless of the project complexity, from aggregated overall consumption to in-deep sub-metering.

  • One minute, five Minutes, quarter-hourly, half-hourly, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly consumptions.
  • All different sources: Electricity, gas, water, liquid fuels, compressed air, etc.
  • Hierarchy and tags: Geographical and logical clustering.
  • Real time graphs for the cost by adding the tariff plan of the utility.

Real Time Energy Saving Achieved

Certify achieved energy savings according by comparing your current consumption vs your baseline.

  • Certify and validate savings in a objective way.
  • Monitor your Energy Efficiency Measure portfolio in real-time, quantifying achieved savings.
  • Easily detect when your consumption exceeds what was expected.


Basic and advanced reports:  Report energy savings to entire community

Set up automated reports to receive, weekly or monthly reports.  Set  up  alerts based on your area and profile.

  • EXCEL or pdf reports.
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly report – automatically e-mail only to indicated users.
  • You can set standard SEC range and compare your present time consumption against it.
  • We will monitor your Energy consumption as well as SEC i.e. kW/Ton.


Basic and advanced Alerts:

  • Set up alerts based on your area and profile.  Set alerts as per your choice on any parameter
  • It will generate Alarm the instant it deviated from Standard Conditions and will E mail or SMS immediately.