Aditya Energy Services (AES) is a leading energy service provider offering solutions ranging from diagnostic studies (energy audits in varying level of detail), to performance contracting under the ESCO Model for implementing energy efficiency and alternative energy projects in industries, buildings and municipal utilities.

We assist our clients in managing their energy usage effectively without compromising on the environment. It provides energy solutions, which include energy savings, renewable energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. From pre-feasibility to engineering, implementation to performance contracting, all services are performed with focus on sustainable development in mind.

Our Core Strengths

The comprehensive scope of services we can offer within our core capabilities includes:

  • Developing a cohesive energy management strategy
  • Assisting with energy procurement and provide expertise in energy management
  • Identifying energy projects, developing, designing and implementing such projects
  • Implementing an energy efficiency and conservation program
  • Providing staff awareness and training programs
  • Monitoring of energy consumption and providing guaranteed operating efficiencies
  • Conducting feasibility studies and investment grade audits for energy projects

This wide range of Energy solutions enables AES to offer contracts with guaranteed energy savings results. For most of the studied cases, the percentage of energy consumption that AES commit itself to optimize is between 15 and 20%.

Total Solution

Our clients find a service partner with a ‘can do’ mind-set. Our company and its people are dedicated to satisfying customer needs. We recognize that companies are like individuals and so we tailor our solutions accordingly to suit each client. When we devise a strategic solution for your business you can be sure it will be uniquely yours.

Expertise to deliver the following services is our usp:

  • Energy assessments including value added services like; Hydraulic Network Simulation Modelling for CW/CHW systems, HMBD for the co-gen & tri-gen power plant, Energy Forecast Modelling (EFM) etc.
  • ISO 50001 (EnMS) Consultancy
  • Electrical Safety & Fire Audit
  • EHS Gap Audit
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Vibration Study
  • Indoor Air Quality Study
  • Training/Seminar/Workshop


Empanelment with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), MoP, GoI, making Aditya Energy Services eligible to conduct Mandatory Energy Audits PAN India under the BEE’s PAT (Perform, Achieve and Trade) scheme and as required under EC Act 2001.



Authorised Energy Auditor of The Chief Electrical Inspector, Department of Energy and Petrochemicals, GoG.
This makes us eligible to conduct statutory energy audits of Industries and Buildings as per Clause 5 of Govt. Order No. GHU/99/31/GUE/1196/9018/K1, Dated 5th Oct 1999 in the State of Gujarat.


Resource & Instruments

Aditya Energy Services (AES) has enforced on the scholastic and an experience background as far as project execution is concerned for the consulting assignments.

We are a team of BEE accredited energy auditor, BEE Certified Energy Auditor, Energy Manager, Certified Chartered Engineers, Measurement and Verification Professional, ISO 50001 lead auditor, Safety and power quality professionals committed to giving most promising solutions to customers to save energy and attain sustainability. Our team of energy experts aligned with sectorial specific associates/experts ensures high end consulting and practical solutions which provides a distinct edge to AES. Apart, our team possesses proven experience of project execution, equipment commissioning including overseas projects to suit the complexity of a particular assignment to optimize the savings.

Our Founder & CEO – Mr Prakash Vankani, Accredited/Certified Energy Auditor, BEE, MoP, GoI, Lead Auditor ISO 50001 (EnMS), FI and Chartered Engineer, The Institution of Engineers (I), has more than 25 years of exclusive energy consulting experience and acumen in distinguished companies to his credit and has occupied key positions.

Energy Measuring Instruments

Recognizing the need for precise energy measuring instruments, Aditya Energy services has acquired sophisticated new generation microprocessors based instruments, which are non-intrusive and portable for use without any hindrance to operation/Production.

Availability of Multi-sets of Instruments has resulted to flexibility and versatility in executing nos. of assignments simultaneously.

The Ahmedabad office has a full-fledged computer center with LAN System, Internet and engineering/design software for data analysis, co-relation, project evaluations and engineering design etc.

Energy Audit Instruments

Ultrasonic clamp on Flow meter

  • Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow meter, Make : Katronics, Germany (Model : KF200-1-03-3-1-1-0) Transducer (Model: K1N-1-1-90-P-E000/CA)

Electrical Instrument

  • Quality Power Analyser
    “Krykard” Portable Load Manager – ALM 36 Kit with 450 mm AMPFLEX CT and 93AMP clamp CT
  • Testo 770-3 Cable grab clamp meter

Multifunction Instrument of TESTO 

  • T440 DP (Differential pressure in-built)
  • 100mm Vane with Bluetooth handle
  • IAQ (RH + TMP + CO2) Probe head
  • Surface Temp
  • Immersion Temp
  • Thermal velocity Probe

Digital thermometer (TESTO)

  • Testo 922 thermo meter
  • Immersion measurement tip flexible
  • Surface Temp
  • Surface Temp 


  • L Type Pitot -1.5 meter long (Frith Technosolutions Pvt Ltd)
  • S Type Pitot – 1.5 meter long ( Thermo ENVIRONMENTAL Instruments)

FLUE Gas Analyser

  • TPI 712 (Industrial Supply Syndicate)


  • Contact/Non-contact Laser beam Tachometer (KUSUM-MECO)

Lux Meter

  • Digital Lux Meter (HTC Instruments)

Thermography Camera

  • “Krykard” Thermal Camera; Model: TCA1950
  • Digital Infrared Thermometer (KUSUM-MECO)

Digital Distance measuring meter

  • Digital Laser Distance Meter (HTC Instruments)


Aditya Energy Services conducts sector specific trainings, workshops, seminars on “Energy Management – Best Practices” as one of its activities. Participation in energy events – both national & international, for knowledge sharing and up-gradation is a regular affair. Below is the list of few noteworthy events we have participated, presented papers, delivered key note addresses etc.

  • Presented paper on “Innovative tools/approaches for Energy Efficiency Enhancement” in 10th International HSSE and Loss prevention professional development conference & exhibition 2019 at Kuwait.
  • Attended Energy Auditors/Managers REFRESHER COURSE of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) at AMA, Ahmedabad dated 26-27th Jan 2019. Mr Vankani had the privilege to impart training on TWO topics for the CEA/EM attendees namely; ISO 50001 (EnMS) and PAT M&V during the event.
  • “Best Practices in Energy Efficiency in Textile” – a joint workshop of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Institute for Industrial Productivity and British High Commission, N. Delhi held on 28th June 2016 at Arvind, Ahmedabad. Mr Vankani presented Case Studies of Textile sector and also demonstrated some of the Innovative Tools/Techniques for EC/EE.
  • One day Workshop on Energy Audit/Energy Savings organized by Gujarat Jalseva Training Institute, Gandhinagar on 10th Dec 2015. Presentation made by Mr Vankani on Energy Audit in megha water supply scheme. Mr. Vankani was one of the Experts in “Aapani Vaat” Live Program for “Urja Bachavo” on Door Darshan TV, 11th Dec 2015
  • Program to Promote Model ESCO- EPC to Scale up ESCO & EE business in India jointly organized by SIDBI and Shakti sustainable Energy Foundation. Mr Vankani presented a regional case study and also participated in the Panel discussion – 14th Oct 2015.
  • Theme Speaker “ Making Indian Engineering World Class” on 47th Engineer’s Day organized by Institution of Engineers (India), 2014
  • Delivered RR Anada memorial lecture, Nov.2012 organised by the Institution of Engineers (Gujarat chapter)
  • Key Note address in national seminar ‘Exploring cost effective opportunities in dairy & cattle feed plants using energy management systems’ organized by the Indian dairy Association (Gujarat chapter), Oct. 2012
  • Participated in the Seminar on Financing of Energy Efficiency (EE) measures in Industries on August 2012 organised by SIDBI.
  • Participated in the Seminar on Energy Efficiency & Thermal Audit, Nov 2011 at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar organized by CII
  • Adoption of Energy Efficient process technologies and practices and implementation of Energy Conservation Building Codes (ECBC), BEE, 2010
  • Measurement & Verification training program and IPMVP under USAID ECOIII program, 2009
  • PMV for Energy Efficiency, EVO, 2008
  • Advanced WUFI Pro 4.1 WUFI – ORNL, 2007 – Building simulation tool.
  • Financial products for energy efficiency, ADB Workshop, 2005
  • Risk Financing for ESCOs, China, 2002
  • ESCO tour to USA, USAID, 2001
  • Advanced Energy Auditors Training, USAID/IDBI, 1995